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VENOM Inc want to hear from YOU – The Fans.
During initial talks between the guys, the songs that were considered for the setlists of the upcoming tour included the likes of;
Prime Evil, Die Hard, To Hell and Back, Angel Dust, Harder Than Ever, In Nomine Satanas, Blackened Are The Priests, Carnivorous, 1000 Days In Sodom, Manitou, Nightmare, Live Like An Angel, Parasite, Skool Daze, Countess Bathory, Black Metal, Witching Hour, Bloodlust, Sons Of Satan, Riddle Of Steel, Fairie Tale, Wolverine, Welcome To Hell, Clarisse, Bursting Out, Genocide, Satanachist, Fly Trap, Warhead, 7 Gates of Hell, Rip Ride, Stand Up and Be Counted…
Then someone suggested that perhaps YOU have other suggestions that you would like to see VENOM Inc perform live? Songs maybe not included in the above list?
Head on over to the VENOM Inc Facebook and Twitter pages and post your dream setlist. ABADDON, MANTAS & THE DEMOLITION MAN will take ALL your suggestions into account, and who knows – maybe it will be your exact tracklist that will be perfomed some night during the tour!
Iron & Steel – over to YOU!